RXLIB: great freeware component site


I've just stumbled across what appears to be a fantastic set of freeware
Delphi components, called RXLIB (version 2.4).

It's got tons of goodies, and they claim to work for D1, 2 & 3 without
adaption (there's plenty of conditional compiling in the source code,
which is all provided). I've tried some with D1 and so far they work

Some of the components do things that I've never got to work in Delphi 1
with other components I've downloaded. For instance, I never thought I'd
get an animated GIF component or Paradox table packing component working
in Delphi 1. Well now I have.

Installation is a bit different to what you might expect, so read the
instructions. (You install three chunks of code and get three whole new
tabs on your VCL toolbar chock full of goodies.)

The RXLIB site is

I have no connection with RXLIB other than being a very impressed new
user. Why has it taken me so long to find this site?

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