Looking for job/Irleand/UK/Other EU/5 years of experience/finance and stock knowledge

2005-06-03 06:36:56 PM
I'm looking for job oportunities in EU, especially in Irleand.
I have five years of Professional experience in:
Delphi, XML, PostgreSQL, MySQL, C/C++, Java, PHP, Mambo Open Source, UML
and Rational products.
I have strong Delphi background especially with financial applications
(economical data mining, forecasting, portfolio optimalization, stck
indexes charts - technical analysis).
I work with huge economical data bases (f.e. working with EcoWIN
database - 180 000 series of macroeconomical data), I have god knowledge
of stock market and creating portfolios e.t.c.
Here is my full CV in english (PDF format - 200 kB):
or in polish (PDF format - 208 kB):
I'm able to relocate in september/october.
Please contact with:
Konrad Pawlus
phone: +48 501 709 773 (english/polish)