Re: RTC Remote Tools 1.6 > Support your customers over the Internet

2006-09-10 06:33:23 AM
Short info about the major difference between RTC Remote Tools v1.6 and
(planned) v2.0 ...
The current Remote Tools version (1.6) is completely independent of any
third-party components and doesn't require installation of any components on
the Delphi/C++ components palette. In other words, RTC Remote Tools 1.6 is a
complete package, which you can even use with the free Turbo Delphi/C++
Explorer to build your own Remote Tools (remote desktop control, file
transfer and chat).
RTC Remote Tools 2.0 (planned for release in a few months) will be a
*complete rewrite* of the current Remote Tools functionality (as components)
and will be using the RealThinClient SDK for all communication, but RTC SDK
will not be included in the package. This means that you will need a
RealThinClient SDK license to compile RTC Remote Tools 2.x (and later).
Also, because Remote Tools 1.6 is currently under a shared copyright
("DeltaSoft" and "Acclimate Technologies"), but Remote Tools 2.0 will only
be copyrighted by one company ("DeltaSoft"), if you should wait with your
order now and place the order once RTC Remote Tools 2.x have been released,
you will NOT get access to the RTC Remote Tools 1.6 package. On the other
hand, if you place your order *before* RTC Remote Tools v2 have been
released (or already have a RTC Remote Tools license), you will have access
to *both* Remote Tools packages (v1.6 and 2.x - as separate downloads) for
the same price you will have to pay to get RTC Remote Tools v2 "only".
Even though it is not in my best interest if you place your order now
instead of waiting for Remote Tools v2 to be released (shared copyright also
means shared profits), I am making this announcement now to avoid surprises
when RealThinClient SDK v2 is released, since some might expect to get
access to older Remote Tools versions when ordering Remote Tools 2.x ... and
that is NOT the case.
PS. If you ask me whether you should order RTC Remote Tools 1.6 "now" or
wait for v2 to be released, I'd advise you to wait ;-)
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions:
Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec, Team RTC
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