ANN: ThinDAC v 1.3.1 - N-tier data access engine / Great Discounts !

2007-05-23 07:04:27 PM
Hello All
Today (23-May-2007) we have released ThinDAC v 1.3.1. That
is last ThinDAC v 1.x release. Next upcoming release will be v 2.0.
Also, want to notify, that we offer great discounts on the ThinDAC
from 15-May to 31-May. Buy the ThinDAC v 1.3 today with discount
and get v 2.0 for free !
ThinDAC is a component library for CodeGear Delphi and
C++Builder, allowing to build N-tier database applications.
ThinDAC is built on top of RealThinClient SDK and AnyDAC.
RealThinClient SDK is used as a middleware framework.
AnyDAC is used as a base for ThinDAC ClientDataSet at the
client side. All required AnyDAC files come with ThinDAC.
If you want to use AnyDAC as data access driver, then you
can download it from
You can use one of many 3d party data access libraries and
appropriate ThinDAC data access driver to work DBMS. This
version supports: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, Interbase,
Firebird, NexusDB, PostgreSQL, etc
A more complete features list is available at:
Prices and technical support
ThinDAC is a commercial product, but there is no trial version.
Instead, we are offering a 30-Day Monay Back guarantee, allowing
you to test ThinDAC components and support for up to 30 Days.
Until May 31th 2007, we have special introductory prices:
ThinDAC Basic = $99 USD ($149 after May 31th)
ThinDAC Extended = $199 USD ($249 after May 31th)
Basic License includes technical support on ThinDAC forums and
by EMail (reply within 24 hours).
Extended License offers Basic License technical support, plus:
- IM/ICQ/etc support
- faster EMail support (reply within 12 hours)
- higher priority when cosidering addition of new feature requests
- 30% discount on AnyDAC high-priority technical support
To place your ThinDAC order, please visit:
RealThinClient SDK is a commercial framework,
available for order from
ThinDAC requires RealThinClient SDK v 2.49 or higher.
v 1.3.1 (23.05.2007)
- fixed: resolved AnyDAC v 1.12.2 compatibility issue
- fixed: D5 incompatibility's resolved
- fixed: AV at fast scroll down in master dataset
With best regards,