[ANN] Habari XB Client 0.9.5 - xmlBlaster message broker client for Delphi

2008-03-20 01:43:13 PM
Habari XB Client is a client component for the xmlBlaster Open
Source MOM (message-oriented middleware). With this component and
xmlBlaster, it is possible to exchange data between clients written in
Delphi, PHP, Perl, Python, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic.net, Flash, J2ME,
Java (applications, servlets, applets).
* Publish and subscribe messages over a XML-RPC Connection
* Messages are asynchronous accessed with the subscribe() method
* Clients receive asynchronous messages with the update() method
* Synchronous message access with the get() method
* Subscribers can use XPath expressions to filter the messages they wish
to receive
About xmlBlaster: xmlBlaster is a publish/subscribe and point to
point 100% Java based MOM server (message-oriented middleware) which
exchanges messages between publishers and subscribers. The message is
described with XML-encoded meta information. Messages may contain
everything, GIF images, Java objects, Python scripts, XML data, a word
document, plain text - just anything. Communication with the server is
based on socket, CORBA (using JacORB), RMI, XmlRpc, HTTP or email,
clients are free to choose their preferred protocol. Other protocols
like SOAP may be plugged in. The xmlBlaster server is pure Java and
under LGPL. Read more: www.xmlblaster.org/whatis.html
Message structure
* The header is XML based, so you are able to place your meta data of
the message content here. You are able to query this meta data with
XPath, the XML query language.
* The message content is a BLOB (binary data). So you may send JPEG,
ASCII, XML, serialized objects or whatever with your messages
* The Quality of Service are XML based informations to control the
xmlBlaster. For example you may specify some expiration date or
transaction context or whatever the xmlBlaster is supporting
* Borland(tm) Delphi(tm) 6 or higher
* xmlBlaster 1.5 or higher
Special offer for early adopters: The release of Habari XB Client is
planned for the second quarter of 2008. You can register the Single
Developer License now with a 50% discount on the license price using the
coupon code 'habarixb'. You will receive access to the source code
development snapshots. Full upgrade protection until June 30, 2009 is
included in the license.
Demo application: The download includes a demo application which can
be used to publish and subscribe messages using the xmlBlaster default
installation. The installation of xmlBlaster takes just one minute.
Best Regards
Michael Justin
betasoft - Software for Delphiâ„?and for the Javaâ„?platform