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Delphi, DOA and ReportBuilder

I am  building reports with ReportBuilder 5.0 Enterprise (RB) edition with
Delphi 5 and Service Pack 1.  I am using DOA components (latest patches) and
having a number of problems with RB "randomly" crashing.  All of the
components are on a single form.  The components in use are a DOA
TOracleSession and TOracleDataSet, TDataSource, TppDBPipeline and a
TppReport.  This project is never actually run, it is only used to create
template files for later reporting.  However, if a report is edited, or
modified in anyway RB corrupts the project and causes repeated Access
Violations (AV) in Dephi.  Some "guaranteed" AV crashes occur when moving or
deleting varialbles, but at other times it seems to be roughly just time
related (the longer RB is open the more likely a crash occurs).  Once the AV
crash occurs, you cannot save either the report or the Delphi project.  In
addition, even if "Save" was successful just befor a crash occurred, when
the file is reloaded it is not the saved version.

Anyone have any suggestions about what is either being done wrong here, or
what can be done differently to minimize or eliminate these crashes?


Re:Delphi, DOA and ReportBuilder

I would contact Digital Metaphors and see what they have on this.  They are
usually pretty good on taking care of bugs.

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