a dbgrid where scrolling works properly?!?

I'm using the BDE native driver to connect to SQL server 7.0.
The standard DB-grid component shows the following problem:

The sql statement in the T-query component is a simple select
statement that results in a few 100 records.

There's a grid on my form that shows 10 records with scrollbar; on the
vertical scrollbar there are 2 arrow controls (no problem they scroll
sequently thru the list) but when you use the mouse to move down the
square box it's impossible to scroll record by record by holding the
mouse down and moving down

it's like there are 3 stable positions up, down and middle when you
like to position between those it chooses one of the 3.

Is there a solution for this problem? I have tried the RX components ;
they seem to have the same problem.
Maybe a link to another component?

Thanks, Pieter