LanguageDrivers and Paradox tables...

This post is mostly for your information. But if you have any ideas or
information on the topic, please respond.

My environment:
Delphi 4 with update package #1.
BDE 5.0

My problem:
Two paradox tables can NOT be successfully joined in an SQL statement if
they are created with different language drivers. At least not if one of
them has "Paradox 'swedfin'" and the other has "Paradox 'ANSI swedfin'"
as langdriver (haven't tested any other). Although the help file states
that 'ANSI swedfin' is compatible with 'swedfin', it sure is not.

"Select * from Table1, Table2 where Table1.PK = Table2.PK" will skip all
records where the PK field includes one of our Swedish characters "???"
(A and O with ring and dots for you who don't see the characters).

The solution would be to make sure all of my tables has the same
langdriver. The problem is that when I create a new table (using SQL)
the table language is set to the default langdriver from the
bdecfg-file. So I have to make sure the default langdriver matches the
language in my original database.

I found an easy way to control the default language driver. I simply
purchased "Restructure Toolkit" from Reinhard Kalinke. It does the job,
but to use the new default values the BDE has to be reset. A reset of
the BDE can not be done if any other programs are using the BDE so this
is not an option (My app is surely not alone in my clients computers).

I could use Restructure Toolkit to create my new tables as this gives me
the opportunity to select a language for the new table. But I want to
stick with SQL so I will be ready for a future upscaling of my app.

The solution I intend to use is this:
1. I create my temp-tables using SQL and don't bother which
languagedriver is used.
2. I change the language of the new tables by using Restructure Toolkit.

The solution I would prefer is this:
1. I set the default langdriver in a per session (or alias) basis.
2. I create my temp tables and they get the right language.

As far as I know there is no way of changing the language driver for a
session or an alias. This seems to be the case with all other drivers
but Paradox :(

I am surprised I don't read more about this problem in this group. Have
I missunderstood anything?

//Michael Sageryd