Updating ReadOnly Result Sets w/ MSACCESS

I'd really appreciate any help I can get on this.  It's really becoming
a time waster for me.

I have 3 tables that have a relationship something like Customer ->
Orders <- Catalog. The actual tables are different, but the concept in
the same - a customer can have multiple orders, but each order is linked
to a SINGLE catalog item.  Some of the catalog items, may be linked to
several orders, but other catalog items are custom and are linked to 1
and only 1 order. Using a TPageControl, I have Customer Information on 2
tabs, and a combination of Order and Catalog info on another tab using a
query bound to the Customer DataSource.  Now, here's the problem:

I want to be able to update the Orders/Catalog data.  It seems I should
be able to get a live result set in this situation, but I haven't been
able to.  So, I tried to use cached updates and 2 TUpdateSQL objects.
However, when I set the CachedUpdates property for the Query to True, I
get an EDBEngineError exception with the message 'General SQL Error.
Operation is not supported for this type of object. Field'.
What am I doing wrong?  Or is there a better way to update the
underlying tables?

Thanks in Advance
Todd Burnside