PsRBExportDevices version 1.0 released - Enhanced Export Devices for ReportBuilder

PsRBExportDevices version 1.0
Enhanced Export Devices for ReportBuilder

Pragnaan is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability
of PsRBExportDevices: Enhanced Export Devices for ReportBuilder. Born
out of our extensive experience in the domain of exporting reports,
PsRBExportDevices greatly benefits from our learning from the earlier
products. PsRBExportDevices version 1.0 supports exporting to PDF,

To download trial versions and executable demos of PsRBExportDevices
please visit

To get a good insight into the capabilities of PsRBExportDevices,
quickly, check out this executable demo:

Pricing and ordering:
DISCOUNTED PRICE TILL December 15, 2001! PsRBExportDevices is priced
at a special introductory low of US$ 79, for a single developer
license. From December 16, 2001 a single developer license will cost
US$ 119. So hurry and SAVE!

To buy your copy of PsRBExportDevices online please visit:

PsRBExportDevices provides numerous new capabilities and features
making exporting reports a real joy, for you the developer as well as
the end-user! Here is a short list of features of PsRBExportDevices:

* Built-in run-time configuration dialogs: With the run-time
configuration dialogs you can give full control to the end-user to
customize the exporting.

* Customization of content to export: There are properties to select
or exclude elements of the report from appearing in the exported
document. You can choose to eliminate lines, images or shapes such as
circles and rounded shapes.

* Background image/watermark & background color: You can easily have a
background image painted on the exported document just by setting the
BackgroundImage property. You can choose where to place the image or
even have it tile on the whole page. The color of the page can also be
easily changed by setting the BackgroundColor property. What's more,
all this can be done from the run-time dialog by the end-user.

* E-Mailing facility built-in: You don't have to worry about picking
up the exported files, setting up the email component and a whole lot
of other things because... support for emailing is built-in! You can
set PsRBExportDevices to use between Indy or FastNet. All you'll have
to do is provide the email addresses and a few more email server
details and you're done.

* Web reporting[Internet/Intranet]: Serve ReportBuilder reports easily
over the Internet or Intranet. PsRBExportDevices provides some special
features such as exporting to Memory or any TStream object to make all
this just ONE line of code! A complete example of constructing a
simple Web Server Application that displays a report in a web browser
is documented in the Help file and in the Manual.

* Programmatic exporting: Additional procedures are provided to
further simplify programmatic exporting of reports. You just need to
make one call to the appropriate routine.

* Executable file size optimization and components: PsRBExportDevices
is designed in such a way that you can have it include only the code
for the formats you want, into the final executable, making the file
much lighter. This is achieved by having separate components for each
format contained in separate units. And if you wanted to include all
or most of the formats, you can do so without sacrificing any
convenience of usage: there's also a master control component provided
with which you can set and select all formats.

* PDF: Supports TrueType font encoding, text and image compression and

* HTML: Supports multi-file and single-file outputs. All straight
shapes such as lines & rectangles are encoded without using external
image files. You can customize the navigator [First, Prior, Next, Last
buttons] by changing the text and font or even set a graphic for each

* RTF: Supports WYSIWYG exporting!

* To make it all more useful: PsRBExportDevices is supported by a 50+
page user manual, a help file explaining all properties, and
responsive email support. The registered version of PsRBExportDevices
comes with full source code for Delphi 4, 5 and 6.

If you have questions about PsRBExportDevices please feel free to mail

We look forward to seeing you all at!

The PsRBExportDevices Product Team
Pragnaan Software