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ANN: TNT LX Controls - Seeking new home!

2007-04-04 09:20:32 PM
Based upon TNT Unicode Controls (which are now TMS Unicode), I released TNT
LX Controls about 4 years ago. These controls add enhanced functionality to
the VCL. When there were deficiencies or frustrations I would find with the
included VCL components, I would put my improvements or additions into the LX
package. Because I needed Unicode in my applications, I couldn't just buy a
3rd party component with the feature I needed, as very few supported
I made these components available for free with source to get feedback from
other developers. I am primarily an application developer, not a component
builder, so I really wanted feedback from other developers to improve the
quality of these components, and thus my applications. The feedback I've
received from other developers has always been very valuable.
I'd like to mention that I believe there are some hidden gems in this
package. Unfortunately I have never had the time to document, market or make
a great demo to show these "gems" off.
Just like the situation I found myself in with TNT Unicode Controls, I have
reached a point where I am not benefiting as much from the feedback, I no
longer have good business reasons to justify the cost of ongoing management
of this project. Before I pull the plug, I would like to find a new home for
this project. Once again, I don't have any preconceived notions of how the
future owner would mange this project. It could be a SourceForge-style
project, absorbed by JVCL or some similar project, or it could even be a
commercial entity. So, if you would like to assume ownership of this
project, please present your case to me directly by email.
Troy Wolbrink

Re:ANN: TNT LX Controls - Seeking new home!

Due to TNT Unicode Controls are now TMS Unicode Control, i think
TNT LX Controls should also be TMS LX Controls.
I think no other Commercial Company, Open Source Project can and
want develop components that are based on other 3th-Party Controls.