IB 6020 4GB DB CPU 100% on "Properites" or "Tables"

2005-05-21 04:20:41 AM
I can connect to my 4GB database using IB console, but when I click on
the Tables node, or right click on the database node and click on
"Properties" in the popup menu, the CPU goes to 100%, and IBConsole
appears to hang.
I validated the DB and it checks out OK.
I've uninstalled IB and reinstalled it.
I've been loading the database, 192 records per second for 2.5 days,
in a Delphi loop with no Application.ProcessMessages in the loop.
I've crossed the default "sweep" interval (several times over) and now
I think hell is demanding payment.
Do you think I am stuck in in a gimungous sweep or is IB corrupted
somehow? IOW is this normal considering this size of DB.
Thanks in advance.