Re: Failure installing components

2003-08-27 09:34:57 PM
"Steve Harp" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
I'm trying to install OnGuard from SourceForge and getting an error.
I open their Dpk, press the install button and get the message "[Fatal
Error] G113_D70.dpk(57): Required package 'G113_R70' not found". The
G113_R70.Dpk is located in the same folder as the G113_D70.Dpk. I
even added this packages folder to the library search path.

The Delphi help for this error message says that this error indicates
a missing G113_R70.DCP file. According to Delphi's help, DCP is not a
Delphi file extension. The folder does contain DCU, DPK, and RES

What am I missing?
You're missing the .dcp file ;)
When you build the runtime library, is should result in 3 sets of files: one
.bpl file, one or more .dcu files, and one .dcp file. The setting to decide
where the .dcp file is created is in Project | Options |
Directories/Conditionals | Directories | DCP output directory. Set that
appropriately in the runtime package and rebuild it.