Getting Foreign Key information from a DB (SetSchemaInfo?)

2003-09-13 02:08:06 AM
Hi I am using Delphi 6 P and I am trying to synchronize the DB in my customer's
server (IB 6.01 Open Source) I have a Class which has the actual definition
of the DB (theorical DB the up-to-date DB) and I want to take the customer's
DB to that level...
when I get the list of indexes for a table (using TSQLDataSet with
SetSchemaInfo with stIndexes) I get some info about the current indexes in
that table, even
those created for Foreign Keys but I don't get info about the Foreign Key
itself (FK name, table to which that column is linked, column name in the
table) in order to create the FK if I need to have that info, how can I get