Bad packaged unit format:dcp.unit

2004-05-09 10:35:38 AM
When I rebuild projects in a project group. I often got such error message:
[Fatal Error] ReasCfg.dpr(14): Bad packaged unit format: d:\program
I tried press F1 and got the following explaination:
"When the compiler attempted to load the specified unit from the package, it
was found to be corrupt. This problem could be caused by an abnormal
termination of the compiler when writing the package file (for example, a
power loss). The first recommended action is to delete the offending DCP
file and recompile the package. If this fails, contact Borland Developer
Support. "
I gurantee there was no power loss. I delete the DCP and rebuild but the
error remain.
The worst but only solution is close and re-open delphi. but you know.
That's very slow.
I use Delphi 6.0 update 2. My project group contains 12 bpl and 3 exe.
I want to know if this is a bug and if there is a bugfix and if it was fixed
in higher version of delphi.