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Optimize scrolling of a table

2005-10-20 10:55:30 PM
Currently, I am in the course of migration of BDE->DBExpress. With the BDE,
the requests are optimized when I move with DBNavigator on TTable (first,
last, locate). With the TSQLSimpleDataset component of DBExpress there is
no optimization. The number of Fecth is considerable and the times is very
long. Exist there a particular configuration for optimser times or must one
remake manual's optimization.

Re:Optimize scrolling of a table

You are likely to regret using TSimpleDataSet. Use separate components
instead so you have access to all of the properties, methods and events.
TClientDataSet loads the entire result set into local memory. This is
not a problem if your app uses proper client/server design and only
selects small numbers of records.
Bill Todd (TeamB)