Re: [QC48712] Help system: No top entries in Reference for RTL routines(Categorical Routines Listing)

2008-02-07 02:46:18 PM
filofel writes:
The organization of the rich set of RTL routines Delphi offers makes it very
difficult to locate a routine without already knowing that it exists, and /or
remembering its precise name (or the name of the unit it belongs to). The
access by "Namespace" doesn't cut it, because the reasons why developers
stuffed a given function in such and such "Namespace" (unit) responds to
thechnical constraints that are mostly non documentary. As a result, a large
number of RTL gems remain unfairly unknown.
IMO Codegear also needs to get the documentation online for GOOGLE to
index and eat up.
Although it costs server bandwidth.. some/most programmers just by habit
have to punch in stuff into that darn google search box.
Other programmers not using delphi will come across delphi if they
mistakenly land upon some nice online docs while looking for visual
basic functions that have the same name.
Think.. does MSDN help people?
Does help people?
Does the online PHP manual help people?
Ehh something like this:
IMO Codegear's "web presence" is severely lacking...
Of course local copies of the docs are good... but the internet and
google are free advertising for delphi - and people ARE {*word*60}ed to the
google search box no matter how much we want to deny it.