Deployment Challenges

2007-10-30 11:50:22 PM
I have developed an application in Delphi 4, and I get an "EOleSysError in module Vcl40.bpl @ 000192A5 Class not registered" error. I am using install sheild from that version of Delphi, and I have done the following to no avail.
MSAcess id the database, and I am using TdbCharts.
I have tried to regserv32 on the target computer but it does not recognize Vcl40.bpl as a dll or ocx.
Within install shield I have tried checked the box to self-register.
I have done the package build with and without run time help.
I am not sure what next to try, and I will appreciate any help even links to old/archive articles (which I can not seem to find on the internet).