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How to control paperfeed when the printer.EndDoc is performed?


Does anyone know how to control paperfeed when the printer.EndDoc is
I have made a routine that change the size of the paper down to label sized
pages and print out gfx to small labels, but when the EndDoc command is used
the paper is feed forward to much. That is beyond the start of the next

Can any one help me?



Re:How to control paperfeed when the printer.EndDoc is performed?

Unfortunately you can not control that. Something from
Microsoft Knoledge Base: If you'll search KB for ansewers on
 how to print without form feeds or something like that
you'll get an firm answer: Win32 based programs can't do it.
They do give you some strange recomandation: don't use GDI,
print straight to the driver! But I don't think that's easy.
 But this is not the end of the world: you can do it using
the GDI but it's not portable. It might not work on Win2K or
 Win NT.

I thinck you're using some dot-matrix printer. You've got 2
choises: Use standard size paper and print more labels
within one page. The second choise (WAY more interesting)
would require you to print pages with the minimum length
accepted by the printer driver. This way you'll get NO
paperfeed, and you'll be able to control the printer!
Ofcours, you'll have to print 2,3, mabe 999 pages for one,
youll get some strange readings from the print-spooler but
you'll get your job done. I'm using this technic to overcome
 length limitations on dot-matrix printer. Have you ever
seen some soft printing a 200 cm long page USING GDI? It can
be done!

P.S. The second technique described here exployts an BUG! It
works with quite a lot of printers, but it is still a bug.
Here BUG means the system is doing something it shouldnt be
doing, but I'm sure they'll (Microsoft) include some
technique for controling paper-feed with theyr future Win's.

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