d3 c/s mssql 6.5 images into image field


i have d3 c/s and mssql 6.5 sp3 installed. right now i'm trying to put a
timage (jpeg, gif, bmp) into my tables image field through a stored
d3 recognizes the image param as a blob and wants me to put a string
(text)  into the param (storedproc1.param[1].asblob:='XXX'). whats wrong
here ?? ( image <=> text ??). so i tieded it with a blobstream ( as
described on the inprice page).
this didn't work out too.
so could somebody send me a little piece of code how to get the image
(from a Tdbimage or Timage) into a mssql 6.5 image field. (with or
without storedprocedure)

thanx in advance