Joystick reading

2005-12-23 07:54:25 PM
Hi I am a newbie to this Delphi programming. I am currently trying to
readback joystick functions. I have a MS Sidewinder 3D Pro, which is few
years old now. I can sucessfully read back the X, Y and throttle sliders as
well as the 8 buttons. What I am having trouble with is the rudder axes and
POV switch. I guess it is to do with the in-built joygetpos, readjoystick
function. I am thinking the "mmsytem" in the "USES" section needs updating
as the code completion only comes up with three axes to choose from.
Does anybody know of where to find an update of this bit. I am using the
free versions of Delphi 6 and D2005.
Seasons regards Mark