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software marketting

2006-06-16 11:06:10 AM
Dear all,
we are going to lunch a software house in Mardan.
the first thing is to make some people to know that the software will
give us
Now how can we market our software house and how can we gain the
of the customer.
the big problem is how to satisfy the customer who don't know about the
software and how can be attract them.
plz give me some tips.
Muhammad Nadeem

Re:software marketting

Hoi Nadeem
we are going to lunch a software house in Mardan.
Fine - hope you enjoy the meal ;-). OK, funny spelling mistake, I presume
you meant launch not lunch.
BTW where is Mardan? Parkistan?
One idea is to start off making shareware and/or freeware apps. Put these
on download sites like and If you make good
software you can get good reviews by users and perhaps even from editors on
the site. If you go this way my suggestion would be to make both a freeware
and shareware version of the same application. The freeware version should
have enough features that people find it worthwhile to download and use the
app, the shareware version should have so many extra features that at least
a few percent of users want to pay for it.
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