ADO Connect Test Project with SRC

2003-09-11 04:12:50 AM
Below is a link to a greatly improved version of my original ADO test
This project which comes with full source code and an executable is designed
to show you how to connect with a SQL database using the Delphi 7.0 Pro ADO
components. The example is for MS SQL 2000. It uses the Northwind example
database and the CUSTOMERS table from that database. It should also work,
with appropriate modification, with most other SQL databases as well.
The new version of my test project has the following improvements:
1. Now has a "Connect" button instead of trying to connect on launch of the
test app.
2. Has a new "Disconnect" button.
3. Has a new "Edit Connection" button.
4. Now places the INI file in the same directory as the test app.
Enjoy and I hope you all find this useful.
Bob Dalton