Creating Secondary Indexes at Runtime, Help...


Using D4 C/S & Paradox Tables.

I currently have a table that has approx. 12 Secondary Indexes. There
are 8 users using this database and as I understand it, when the table
is opened, all secondary index files are opened as well. This I
noticed when looking at the network connections in Win95.

Now with 8 users, there seems to be quite a lot of open files on the

Is it OK to keep it like this? OR Should I create and destroy
secondary indexes as I need them?

If the latter, what is the best way to create & destroy secondary

I looked up help on CreateIndex & DeleteIndex and although CreateIndex
Looks easy enough, DeleteIndex requires the table to be opened
Exclusively. How can I do this at runtime when there are 7 toher users
with that particular table open?

Any suggestions/Examples are greatfully appreciated.

Many Thanks,