Inpage error reading forms with ADO objects

2005-07-20 06:29:23 AM
I am trying to load a project that has been loading, developing and
running just fine. I just tried to load it up and a problem that
randomly pops up is back.
I get an error on readying my main form for some ADO table objects
"Error Reading Form
Error performing inpage operation. Ignore the error? "
of course ignoring the error load the form and the app, but it is missing
all the ADO table objects. This does not appear to be a problem with the
ADO objects themselves, but a problem with interpreting the form data.
The error dialogs can be seen at :
and selecting cancel provides the equally usefull error message:
Nothing has changed on my system except the opccationsl windows updates.
This error comes up every now and then and I have to rewrite a lot of
code to get around it. that is no longer an option. Nothing I can
discern leads to the problem. What is the cause of this error and what's
the work around?