Crystal for D2005 - Changing Reports Dynamically

2005-10-26 09:52:31 AM
I am trying to use Crystal Reports for an app. I need to be able to allow the user to select what is to be included/excluded in the report. Before the report is generated, the user selects the range for the data, and which fields/graphs/charts he/she would like to be included with the report. I can create the report, and I can edit the report in code at runtime. I can parameters to set fields to be included/excluded with the report. I can set the charts/graphs to be included/excluded with the report.
What I can not do is adjust the spacing between regions dynamically. For example, in the header section may contain 5 fields. The report has all 5 fields in the header section. The user may only want to display 2 of them. If I don't show the remaining, then the space which they occupy would still be there, and there will be gaps in the report.
Is there a way to adjust the spacing of the sections dynamically to fit the fields? Is there a way of dynamically placing the fields/charts so they all fit in the section with no spacing? I know I can use text boxes, but how can I do this with charts?
Thanks in advanced.