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QuickReports, Side by Side Reporting

Hi all
   I am using QuickRep 3.05 and D5 together
on an Interbase dataset and I would Like to run
2 separate reports on a single page side by side.
Basically I have one table With payable entries
and one with recievable entries on an accounting
system I have created for our client. I need to list all
of the payables on one side and the receivables on
the other that are linked by a filnumber. Note that
I can not do a join select statement on them either
because the number of records in one data set may
not equal the number of records in the other dataset
per file number. So I need a way to run 2 separate
reports together horizontally tiles. So far I hav looked
at TQRComposite report component with no luck,
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Delta Systems Consulting


Re:QuickReports, Side by Side Reporting

There is no direct way of doing this. You can run the reports into memory
and then format them onto the page, but then you don't really need QR for
that. There are other report generators which advertise the ability to do
"reports within reports". Perhaps you could check out some of the
competition that has this feature.

Steve F (Team B)

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