ANN: EzPlan-IT Limited time offer

2005-05-12 03:36:34 PM
Limited Time Offer
Kever-IT is pleased to announce that until mid June all software will be
sold for the dollar price. This gives you an effective discount of almost
30%. The following prices will be valid until June 15th:
EzProject (75,- USD)
EzPlan-IT without source code (495,- USD)
EzPlan-IT including source code (1295,- USD)
EzPlan-IT update to source code version (800,- USD)
After this offer expires, all software will be sold for the same amount in
News from Kever-IT
EzPlan-IT is a mature product with a large satisfied clientele. The
components have been designed for project management and therefore are ideal
for creating planning applications. The components allow you to complete a
large variety of tasks. All current versions of Delphi are supported and
support for .Net will be added soon. In addition to the new features that
have been added recently we have been busy updating and improving the
documentation that is available for the EzPlan-IT components. This will make
it easier for developers to learn to use the components to their full
extent. A section has been added to the website which contains all the new
tutorials and a FAQ manual. This section shall be updated regularly.
The tutorials will give developers a step-by-step guide to how they can
implement the EzPlan-IT components. The newly added FAQ manual contains
clear answers including sample code to further clarify how the components
can be used. To take a look at this new section visit:
If you cannot find the answer to your question please visit the support
section of our website for more information.
Kind Regards,
Sepp de Raedt.