In the following fragment, while using BlockRead, the book says the "Result"
variable will contain the Number of Records read, if EOF is reached.  But when
I peek at the value of "Result" during operation, it looks more like it is
showing the number of Bytes actually read.

Which is correct?  I'd RATHER it showed the actual number of bytes read...but
I don't want to take any chances.  Am I just seeing what I want to see?  Or am
I missing something?  I've never used BlockRead before.  Usually I open a
stream...but I don't want to if I don't have to.

PROCEDURE WebImpWindow.WMWrite(VAR Msg : TMessage);
  Result       : Integer; {yes, I know these should be of type word....}
  GetFile      : File;
  Chunk        : array[0..511] of byte; { minimum MTU supported is 512 }
  WSAAsyncSelect(AcceptSocket, Application^.MainWindow^.HWindow,
  Reset(GetFile,1);                        { set to read one chunk at a time }
  IF IOResult = 0 THEN                     { file exists...send it }
      WHILE (NOT EOF(GetFile)) DO
          FillChar(Chunk,SizeOf(Chunk),0);     { fill the buffer to clear it }
          BlockRead(GetFile, Chunk, SizeOf(Chunk), Result);
          SendCount := Send(AcceptSocket,@Chunk,Result,0);
          blah blah blah...

Thanks for any and all help.
Daniel J. Wojcik
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