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Simcity clone?

2007-01-29 02:31:21 AM
Im wondering, if anyone out there knows of, or even half wrote a
SimCity clone in delphi!
Why? I just had a hankering to fiddle with the source of one.. Ive
looked at a number and so far, I cant find one in delphi, and the best
one that has source (lincity) isnt in pascal, while I can do c++ etc,
Id find it a struggle to work with it on that scale.
Liz the Brit
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Re:Simcity clone?

Robin writes:
If you do find one, could you post it here? I'd love to take a
look myself, as I have recently discovered how much help I need when
it comes to game programming :-)
You may find this book useful then
David Clegg
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Re:Simcity clone?

David Clegg writes:
You may find this book useful then

Hi David,
Thanks, I actually have that one! About half way through at the moment
and a good book, to be sure.
It is taking me a long while finish as it takes such a back seat to
everything else... Sometimes I need to remind myself of the leisure of
programming, as opposed to the hectic rush much of it turns into.
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Re:Simcity clone?

Cannot help with SimCity, but I'd love to see a Delphi version of
"Leisure Suit Larry".