Help: TDBChart Problem


    Forgive my poor English, I'm spanish. I'm developing database program,
and I have a problem with a TDBChart. I have one TQuery that filter a
Paradox Table and obtains the fields: Valor (Y axis), Hour(X axis) and Time
of day(X axis). The TDBChart should show in X axis a Hour format of
diferents days,  in Y axis the Valor, and in a Top Axis the Day Field.

    Example of Chart:

100    |
90     |
  80    |
  70    |
  60    |___________________________________________________________________
            11:30       12:30       18:30       23:50     2:30       4:30
6:30     8:30   10:30

    Someone Can I help me?

    Thank You in Advance

Antonio Sanchez Zaplana