Help With Spin Edit (need more functionality)

Are there any shareware/freeware spin edit components that will right
justify numbers and also pad with 0's ?

Example : the current value of the spinedit object is 2.  The user presses
the up button on the spinedit object.

What I want to happen is for the spinedit object button to get  updated by
1.  Also I want it to pad a 0 before the value, if the value is less than
10.  I want the value to look like 03 instead of 3.  Right now the
spinedit object just will display 3.  Of course if the value is greater
than 9  the spinedit box works fine.


I have been able to do this by using a maskedit box and a spin control.  I
am hoping that their is a control out there that does this.