Please help, Strange thing with QuickReport


Using D4 C/S Pack 3 Paradox Tables and QuickReports 3.0.4

I have 1 QuickRep caomponent and connected it to a DataSet (Logs).
The QR Bands are HasColumnsHeader, HasDetail, Has PageFooter &
Basically, I have just copied the example QuickRpt app supplied with
I have a TQuery component with the following statement:

select * from Logs                  (simple query)

When I go to preview the report, the preview screen appears, the
percentage progress (bottom left) counts up to 40% and then the it
stops counting. I can still here the hard disk grinding away, so it is
doing something.

At that point, all I can do is reboot the PC. When the PC resarts, it
goes through the scandisk (understandable) and there is always a file
in the windows\temp dir. called QRXXX.TMP that is always > 2MB. I can
understand this as it is due to the PC reboot, some files are bound to
be stuck in the TEMP dir.

But why doesn't the report generate. I can generate other reports that
OK. It is just when I generate some sort of summary on a table that
the app gags.

This problem only seems to happen when the report being generated is
greater than 1 page long, I don't understand why...

Can someone please help????

Thanks in advance...