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Paradox Tables on CD ROM

Set Private Directory and it works. Thanks.

Brian Bushay TeamB <> wrote:

>>>I read that I can discard the 'PARADOX.LCK' file and only needed to copy the
>>'PDOXUSRS.LCK' to the CDROM.  Do I need to have a  'PARADOX.LCK' file in the
>>program's Sub-directory?
>You need a .lck file in any directory where you are accessing Paradox tables

>> How do I specify where the temp files are to be
>use the Session.PrivateDir property.

>Brian Bushay (TeamB)


Re:Paradox Tables on CD ROM

The PARADOX.LCK file is there for compatibility with older DOS versions of
Paradox, however, I do not know if the BDE will complain if you delete it.
To set the private directory in code see the PrivateDir property of TSession
in the on-line help. The code is:

Session.PrivateDire := 'c:\foo\myprivatedir';

Bill Todd (TeamB)
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