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Installation Problem with BDE 5 upgrade

Dear Inprise:

A few days ago I downloaded the bde5_up.exe file from Inprise's download
site for upgrading previous installations of the BDE on several of my
client's computers.

On one system they had just done a new fresh installation of Windows98 and
then my custom software application from scratch using the Installshield
setup routines I had provided. BTW my custom application and setup routines
had worked correctly with no problems on Win95 systems for some time...

On attempting to install the BDE 5 upgrade from the same hard disk as the
custom application was on I got a message from the BDE upgrade installation
that it could NOT find the original BDE so it aborted the upgrade.

My custom application with BDE 4.51 support was installed correctly and
tested out as operating fine on that system prior to attempting the upgrade
and was operating for some time with no problems.  As an experiment we even
tried running the upgrade from  both the program sub-directory and the BDE
sub-directory and got the same message - no dice...

I can't seem to get the upgrade to recognize that a previous version of the
BDE IS installed on the same local machine so that the upgrade can do it's
job.  What's going on here?


Bob Dalton
baffled in Arkansas....


Re:Installation Problem with BDE 5 upgrade

Make sure the registry entries for the BDE exist and are correct.  That is
what the update probram should be using to find the BDE.  I cannot imagine
that they are correct if your app runs but I cannot think of anything else
that could cause the problem you describe.

By the way, regarding "Dear Inprise": if you want to talk to Inprise you
need to call one of their paid support lines. These newsgroups are
peer-to-peer support.

Bill Todd
(Sorry but TeamB cannot answer questions received via email)
(Remove nospam from my email address to contact me for any other reason)

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