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Selected records in QuickReport

    I want to have only the records that satisfy certain criteria in the
QuickReport. If a record doesn't satisfy, then there should be no entry
at all in the report - not even blank lines. How can I do that ? Will
TQRTextFilter help in any way ? Or is there any other way out ? I need
to know at the earliest. Thanks in advance.



Re:Selected records in QuickReport

You can filter the table before you print Table1.filter := 'salary > 50000'
or you can use a query as the dataset for the report instead of a table.

Re:Selected records in QuickReport

I want to print a Master/Detail report, so for every record in the Master
table I will have TQRGroup--DetailBand--FooterBand corresponding to it.
my question is that I don't want to print some records in the Master table
and the criteria is based on a complicated calculation, so I couldn't use
the filter for the Dataset component.

Could anyone tell me how to handle this situation? TIA.


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