[Delphi book: Special Edition: Using Delphi]

I noted the exchange on Delphi literature:

>> Using Delphi (Que) : VERY disappointing.  More advanced but FILLED >>with  
>>                      massive errors.  I repeat DON'T get this book.  
>>                     It Bytes.  I lost my faith in the reputation of QUE.
>>                      Spelling errors, program logic errors, progs
>>                      thatdon't compile.  Stupid stuff.
>I agree with this although I must admit I didn't try any of the programs
>(it doesn't come with a disk for starters!).

You don't have to use any of the sample programmes from the Que book, since
they are summaries of the samples that come with the Delphi manuals. There
is nothing original in the Que book...it is bascially a precis of the Delphi
manuals (with some misinformation thrown in). I bought it :-( and threw away
40 bucks. So, if you are looking for Delphi books, avoid that one (unless
you are a collector, of course).

scott preston, tech support manager
vancouver, bc, canada