A new NON (Error 200) CRT Unit

> Too all you ppl that have been affected by that damn div zero error her is a
> CRT unit that works... the only catch is that it uses ANSI.SYS you need to
> have this loaded from your config.sys file.

> This is in source, so you can edit and change. NOTE I am not the author and
> have no authority to let you do this...

   And this little statement is meant to free _you_ from all
responsibility or legal action by violating someone else's legal rights?  
How about those who'd be foolish enough to use it?  And why did you go
against the oft-stated conditions of these newsgroups by posting a
binary?  Couldn't you just have pointed to where this file exists on the
'Net (so we could see for ourselves its purpose and rights)?
   Personally, I choose to use the solutions (often) referenced in Prof.
Timo Salmi's FAQ, where the problem is discussed at length and several
resolutions are "officially" offered - rather than try some pirate or
hack job that's posted in a message such as yours...<sigh>