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> Hi My Name Is Ron. I suffer from a rare disorder called Tourette Syndrome.
> I have had Tourette Syndrome all my life but I was not diagnosed till age 19. Tourette Syndrome is a
> disorder that causes me to jerk my body and swear uncrollably.
> I am sure you may have Tourette Syndrome featured on one TV show or another at some time.
> But it is a different matter to have to live with it every day. For the average person going out to eat at
> a restraint might be a fun event but imagine what it would be like if you untrollably jerked your hand
> and spilt your drink and kept shouting swear words even though you did not want to.

> That is just one experience of having Tourette Syndrome. I do not swear and jerk all the time this is
> perhaps one of the most puzzling aspects of tourete syndrome. Most of the time I am just like
> anyone else
> I can lead a pretty much normal life but I always have the urges to swear  and jerk. I always have to
> fight to control the urges but I cannot keep it under control for more than a few hours at a time.

> I find that stress makes the Tourettes worse. I am a proud person and have managed to keep my
> disorder a secret from most people. I try to make sure that I am alone before I explode with tics.
> When I was in high school I would strain to maintain control while in class but after class I would run
> to the bathroom where I could be alone and let all the tics out sometimes it would take a up to a half
> hour or more to calm the attack and that would mead that quite often I was very late or would
> entirely miss the next class.

> When I was a child I would be constantly in trouble and getting punished for what my parents called
> my habits. After years of dragging me from doctor to doctor and getting no real answer my parents
> pretty much gave up on me. I grew up thinking I was crazy and I knew that I had to struggle to keep
> my craziness under control. For to let it out would mean that I would be shunned and outcast.

> After high school I tried to find work I found it quite easy to get jobs but the problem I had was
> keeping them. At work there was no bathroom to run to every couple hours. It was during these
> years that I found out just how unaccepting the world can be. Over the past ten years I have been
> fired from over 45 jobs
> In some cases they begged me to seek mental help in other cases I was beat up and thrown out the
> door.
> in all cases the end result was unemployment.

> I have found out that even though I explain my disorder to people and they say they understand that
> those same people will have nothing to do with me after witnessing a attack of my tourettes.

> I have spent months at a time of living on the street and in a car and have been on welfare for years
> at a time. Family members have grown disgusted with me losing jobs they tell me that my problem is
> that I just don't apply myself. I have spent 30 years of trying to apply myself just to be kicked in the
> face over and over again due to a disorder that I cannot control.

> I have tried to get Social Security Disability but I have been turned down twice. I have no job no
> home no insurance and besides welfare no income. I am at the end of my rope and I don't know
> what to do.
> All I want is to be normal I wish I could have a job a car a home. I am not stupid there is allot I can
> do
> but every time I pick myself up I get kicked back down because someone can't of won't accept my
> disorder.

> So here I am on the internet begging for help.
> Please If you can send me a couple dollars
> I want to try and get a apartment and find a doctor to help me
> but I can not do so without money
> A friend of mine is allowing to use his address.

> RS
> 140 Scout Ave
> Pgh Pa 15210
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