Access violation at address XXXXXXX in module BANTAM.DLL

When connecting to a SqlServer table using a decision query  I am getting
this error "Access Violation at address XXXXXXX in module BANTAM.DLL" This
situation  happens both in design and runtime every time I try to activate
the query. I'm using Delphi 4 Client Server and BDE version 5.01. I've done
much more complicated queryies in decision cubes before and in fact, there
is a much more complicated one in the same application that works fine. If I
do a debug  tracing back the address I get in the error I go back to the
line when I do :


I've noticed that the DLL is in the BDE folder.

I am running windows NT Workstation 4.0 service  pack 5

Does Anyone have a ligth on this. I'm beginning to panic.

Thank's in advance