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LocalSQL (bde 4.51, 5) broken???

Hello Borland Newsgroup!!

Here is a little system background...

Delphi 3 under NT4 currently with BDE 4.51 (but 5 does same thing)
uses LocalSQL on FoxPro tables.

Given two sql queries:

query 1:
          /* base query */
   SELECT eb."linenumber",
     FROM ebblbk eb
          /* hierarchy level */
    WHERE (type = "OA")

query 2:
          /* base query */
   SELECT eb."linenumber",
     FROM ebblbk eb, hierarchyelement he
          /* hierarchy level */
    WHERE (type = "OA")
          /* group */
      AND (eb.linenumber = he.hename)
      AND (HETOPGROUP = "130352742494")

When the first query is run, it works fine.  I just included it as a
baseline.  The second query is just a subset of the first query.  It
actually works fine, but in every NULL field, it has one strange
character in there.  And this only happens when I am requesting a live
query.  Doing this to an answer table works fine.

The (HETOPGROUP = "130352742494") condition has no effect.  I can remove
this and it still happens.  If I remove the (eb.linenumber = he.hename)
condition, the thing works fine.  I just included it in this example to
show there is a difference in the conditions.

I have a lot of different databound grids and every one breaks.  The
Delphi TDBGrid displays little squares in each cell.  It also does this
in the Database Explorer, which uses a TDBGrid I assume.  Third-party
grids just freak out on these fields with even stranger results than
TDBGrid.  So no matter which one I go to, it's broken.

I haven't figured out how to validate the records before they are read.
I can do it if I have a static TQuery up on the form and use the Fields
editor, but the queries I am using are dynamic so that can't help.

Any ideas?

joseph good


Re:LocalSQL (bde 4.51, 5) broken???

Re:LocalSQL (bde 4.51, 5) broken???


 IBS - InterBase Backup Scheduler Ver. 0.1 is ready now. I have fixed
reported bugs and added some new features as well. Most of new additions
imply user interface and naming conventions in the source code. You'll
find MainMenu with accelerators for faster operation and minor
changes/improvements in TIBSSlotFile class. I have also included an HTML
 The next edition, IBS Ver. 0.2 will be enriched with the following

 -format strings in output file names;
 -GBAK.EXE keys to restore backups;
 -customization: paths, appearance etc.

 Please note that each new version will 'obsolete' previous one and it
will be very difficult for me to support earlier releases.
 You may also request a free copy (with source) of ITD -- InterBase
Trivial De{*word*81}, Ver. 0.0, which is a set of UDFs that can display
variables' values on the NT console during SQL script execution.
Integer, char, double precision and date types are supported.

Edward V. POPKOV

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