CAD/CAM software for sale!

Peter Santing wrote:

> what has that to do with Turbo / Borland Pascal?? can get those two
> together.

> > CAD/CAM Software!


The posters don't read the groups, and people or bots with cancelling
capabilities can kill them.

In this case that even happened, and I didn't even see the original
message, but I saw yours, (with a full useless quote)

The only way to defend to spam is:

- Try to find the newsserver it was posted from (see headers, requires
some small experience), and mail their abuse adress.
- If they mention a webpage, and it is at a free provider, or a decent
normal provider, mail the provider, and shut their website down.
- The same for the email adress. I don't know about Yahoo, but Hotmail
is very attentive to such things. If this guy had used an Hotmail
adress, I would have forwarded the msg, and they would have killed his
(and all those spam messages he sent would be in vain, since potential
customers wouldn't be able to contanct him)
 mail and