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Simple question about Delphi 1.x

I've written a small app with Delphi 1.x, and it works perfectly on my
machine.  However, whenever I move the EXE to another machine (it only
uses standard internal Delphi components, no DLL's etc) it ceases to

Basically what happens is, when I load it, it loads, and any
program/windows feature that tells you what is running shows the program
name, but nothing is visible.  Under Win95 I can click on the program
name on the taskbar and even use the "x" hotkey (assigned to an exit
button) to terminate the program.

Any ideas!?  I'm lost on this simple little thing.


PS. If you could respond by email, I'll probably see it sooner.  :)


Re:Simple question about Delphi 1.x

I had a similar problem with my delphi apps that ran on machines without
the file "bivbx11.dll"

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