Delphi 2.0's Media Player component ..

Heya ..

        I've been messing with Delphi, and I'm writing a suite of multimedia applications for
Win95 under Delphi, but I'm stuck with a few things .. First off, I'm trying to read the unique
CD id for the CD player component of this software package.  I know there's an MCI 'info' command
that tells you what it is, but I'm not sure how to implement it .. the info string 'info info
identity' is supposed to return the unique CD id, but I don't know how to either compose this
string nor how to pass it to the TMediaPlayer component.  Any ideas would be very helpful thanks.
Also, one other thing .. I've noticed that Delphi programs, when you minimize them under Win95
don't go through the usual minimization 'animation' process .. Anyone else experience this