How to install Delphi 4.0 on Windows NT 5.0b2

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>Windows NT 5.0 is still in beta, and is therefore a moving target as far as
>development goes.  Delphi 4 was designed to run on NT4 SP3, 95, and 98.  If
>5.0 is 100% backwards compatible, then it will run Delphi.  If you wish to
>develop FOR NT 5.0, I suggest running Delphi on a machine with NT4 SP3 and
>testing your projects on the NT 5.0 machine.

>If you are convinced that you need to run Delphi UNDER NT 5.0, then post
>symptoms so that we can try to help.
>Delphi Developer Support
>(I do not respond to support questions by e-mail)

I still think this is a shitty way to treat your customers!

To install Delphi 4.0 on Windows NT 5.0b2 perform the following steps:

1. Manually  copy all the files from the subdirectories of the RunImage
directory on your CD to the directories indicated by the installation

2. Since the files will have their read-only attributes set you MUST remove
this attribute from all the files you copied to your HD.

3. Run the <cd>:\install\setup.exe program.

After theese 3 steps everything seems to be OK except for the VBroker part.

BTW: All the other installation programs i used yeasterday worked OK.
that isI have installed the following:
Office 97
Visual Studio 98
C++ Builder 3.0
Visio Professional 5.0
Corel Draw 7.0
RoboHelp 4.0
TeeChart Pro 4.01
QuickReport Pro 3.02
Luxent Apollo 4.x

Good luck!
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