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Help! Bad performance

A MDI-application developed by me has a performance which is very bad. It
concerns a MDI-application who works with a dBase IV database. Starting up
the application consumes much time, about 15 seconds. To open a window
takes even more time. Such a window contains about 10 datasources (it
communicates with about 10 dbase-files). When the window is open the first
database-operation (insert, update or delete a record) takes also much
time. All other database-operations (after the first one) do not take much
time; They operate very fast on the database.

Who has experience with the discribed situation and knows how to improve
the performance? It concerns an application developed with Delphi 2.0 (I
started the development with Delphi 1.0 but half way I went over to Delphi

All solutions are welcome,

Ton Mulleneers
The Netherlands


Re:Help! Bad performance

Hi Rene!

Maybe you are using many forms which are created at program start.
In project options you can make delphi to create only the main (MDI)
form. If your table/query components have property active set to true,
delphi tries to open all tables (even from hidden forms) before the first
window is shown. If so, try to create forms and open tables when needed.
Every hidden (but created) form and every open table takes resources
and memory and slowes down the system. Don't use large Bitmap
as background. In Delphi 2 it can be better to use Data Modules for
tables and queries. Forms using many components take also a lot of
time for loading...
Instead of inserting a record it's better to append a record. Maybe there
are too many related tables (master/detail). Before inserting try
and after inserting table.EnableControls. Don't use filters, better use
ranges! (table.SetRange).

I hope my ideas will help you a little bit.
best reguards guenther

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