D3-D5 (STDVCL32 -> STDVCL40)

Hi All,

According to the readme supplied with D5...

Delphi 3 projects need STDVCL32.DLL
Projects created in Delphi 3 and earlier
releases require the presence of STDVCL32.DLL
to enable their loading into Delphi 5.0. When
the older project is saved in Delphi 5.0, it is
upgraded to use the new STDVCL40.DLL, and the
older library is no longer required.
However, after importing a D3 project with a type library into D5, I see
STDVCL32.DLL still being referenced in the type library editor.  Should this
have automatically been changed to STDVCL40.DLL by D5?  Should I be worrying
about this?


Wayne Visser