Possible BDE/Database Explorer Bug

Hi All

Possible BDE/Database Explorer Bug

We are writing an application that uses the BDE API routines
and have noticed that the Database Explorer displays garbage results
on the Validity Checks that we have added for the "Orders.db" table
(this table is a Paradox Win 95 & NT 7.0 sample db that ship with
Paradox 7.0, this could have been any Paradox table for that matter)
as follows:

Field  Type Size Key Required Min  Max  Def

Order No N  * *  1,000.00 31,000.00 12,000.00
Customer No N   *  1.00  10,000.00 2,500.00
Sale Date D   *  01/01/1900 01/01/2100 01/01/2000
Ship Date D   *  01/01/1900 01/01/2100 01/01/2000
Ship VIA A 7
Total Invoice $   *  1.00  10,000.00 111.00
Amount Paid $   *  1.00  55,000.00 25,000.00
Balance Due $
Terms  A 6
Payment Method A 7
Month  A 3

Note: Invariant, Picture, Table Lookup & Table Lookup Type field
definition has been omitted from this table structure.


After adding the validity checks above to this (Orders.db) table and
then viewing the results in Database Explorer the resulting output
below is as follows:

Name  Required Min Val  Max Val  Default Val
Amount Paid
Customer No Yes
Order No Yes
Sale Date Yes  \   ##/   $
Ship Date Yes  \   ##/   $
Total Invoice Yes

Whereas the output is reported correctly by our aplication under
FWIW this bug report is based on our finding alone and we are keen for
Inprise to investigate these matters futher to establish the possible
of these bugs, then inturn that way we can then finalise on our software


We are also hoping for to see an example of dbiopenfamilylist function
thats not
included in current version of the BDE help file.

Best regards
Darryl Impey
JustSoft Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia
JustData, data creation tools for Windows supporting countries
worldwide. $ €