Accessing btrieve with Dos and Windows Apps concurrently

Help !!!!

Accessing btrieve with Dos and Windows Apps concurrently.

Focus, a dental information management system company, seeks urgently,
some technical help to solve the following problem:
Some of our customers are running concurrently , DOS (turbo Pascal 7.0)
and 16 bits Windows
applications developed by our company with Delphi1, on Novell Netware
3.11, 3.12 and 4.11
servers. When we run our applications, the Windows programs have access
to the Btrieve
Database tables. But, when Dos programs are started after windows apps,
the following error
message is returned: '85 - File in use'.
We have tried different setup including to put or to remove the BTI.INI
file from the
windows directory. Still does not work.

Can somebody tell us wich setup will work. Our customers start to be
very and very ANGRY.


Emmanuel Vaval.