Im trying to create a programm that copies data from a csv file to a dbase
Although I thougt that this would be very easy to do, Ik constantly getting

Im using 2 TTables-components and 2 TdataSource-components, one each for
the source (CSV-file) and the other one for the destination (Dbase III
file). Beside these components I use the TBatchMove to actualy copy the
data from source to destination.

The exact error-message is:

Project BatProj.exe raised exception class Eaccess Violation with
message Access violation at address 00401BC0 in module
BATPROJ.EXE.  Write of address 206E6520'. Process stopped.
Use Step or Run to continue

In the meantime I have spent hours and hours to figure out what is wrong,
and little by little Im getting quite desperate.

Please help me

John Kusters